Brand commercials

Commercials can help build preferences for your product over your competitors. Your advertising messages must reflect the information that customers feel is important when choosing a product. It must also stress the benefits of your products, and why customers should be coming to you. When you work with Blaze Media you’ll be amazed at how well we capture your brands story,  and how well we market your brands product. Remember, it’s not just about who you are. Its also about how you’re perceived.

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Fashion/Modelling videos

Your story will differ depending on your audience, niche, and customer base, but the goal is all the same… inspire people to and grow your audience. We understand that in this day and age, it’s hard for models to pay for professional photographers. That’s why here at Blaze Media we are a coming up with a program where models can shoot for FREE! Yes, you heard me absolutely FREE. Please contact us if you’re interested in joining our Free photoshoot/video shoot program.

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EVENT videography

Every event is a challenge to put together, and so often it is hard to find someone you can trust to help you along the way. If you’ve got a corporate event coming up, you’ll want to capture it with a corporate event video, there’s no question about that. Event video coverage is a great way to build brand awareness for your company. 

event videos

Restaurant videography


These days people eat with their eyes so If your food and does not look appetizing with the quality of your video, it could actually end up turning people off. For that reason, we recommend hiring a professional videographer who can take high-quality, well-lit videos of your establishment.  Having a professional video produced for your business is the best way to promote your restaurant. 


product video

Demo videos showcase how your product works — whether that's taking viewers on a tour of your software and how it can be used or unboxing and putting a physical product and putting it to the test. A demo video increases conversion rates by providing a creative and engaging story that demonstrates how your product functions in the real world, and what kind of impact it has. At Blaze Media, we specialise in promotional video production. We use video content to hook your audience and promote your product


Real estate videography

Video can give you the competitive edge you need to be a real estate superstar. You can also convey the necessary information in a fraction of the time, as opposed to text. A few photos in a standard listing gives a potential buyer a glimpse into the property, but a video allows them to take a virtual tour before ever stepping through the door. This means your website visitors get everything they need in a short amount of time. Real estate video production is one of our areas of expertise. Let us create a video for your listing and keep your potential buyers wanting more.


Music videos

Videos are very important when you are trying to grow in the music industry. At Blaze Media, we've helped musical artists create and produce videos that enhance their voices and stories. We work side-by-side with artists and record labels to produce cinema-quality content that draws new viewers.

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